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Bear Creek Candle Company makes the finest Hand Rolled Beeswax Honeycomb Tapers available anywhere. Our candles are made in the USA with pure beeswax foundation and 100% cotton wicks. The beeswax sheets that we use are as natural as it gets: they are manufactured for use in beehives as the base upon which the bees build their honeycombs.

Our beautiful, creamy beeswax candles burn perfectly to the end, giving off a warm inviting glow and a subtle honey fragrance. A natural choice for any elegant candelabra and a beautiful addition to the Bride's wedding table, Beeswax Honeycomb Tapers are absolutely dripless when protected from drafts.

Beeswax candles have been sought after and highly prized throughout history for many reasons. They are the purest, most natural candles on Mother Earth. They burn with a warm glow and the scent of sweet honey. They are environmentally sound - made with clean, renewable natural resources. Beeswax candles are beautiful, long burning and virtually smoke-free.

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